New build advice .Phenom II X6 1090T vs Phenom II X4

Hello, I am looking to build my very first machine.
Im on a 500-1000$ budget. It will be used for gaming and possibly light video editing.

I will only be using this machine for the next year or two so i do not need top of the line components but i definitely want bang for buck and if possible upgrade-ability for future.

Ive been looking at the Phenom II X6 1090T CPU because it is relatively cheap for such performance but i wonder if in my case I should just go for the Phenom II X4 and save the money if it is not a HUGE performance increase.

Also i would like to know what motherboards would be best for me. I dont want to pay for unneeded components such as Crossfire or SLI since i plan on only running 1 video card. Also video card suggestions that are compatible with this set up would be nice.

Basically as long as i can run Black Ops and some other future releases (doesn't have to be highest qualities) I will be happy..
I just dont want to buy a super fast CPU and a motherboard/card/memory that will not be able to use the full potential of the CPU.

Again, simple, low cost decent Setup that'll run recent games but will not blow through all my cash.
Thank you very much for any and all assistance.
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  1. For gaming there's no performance increase between an X6 and an X4. Most games can't utilize the extra threads. The X6 is faster for rendering etc. For light video editing that's not really that useful. Most editing time is spent editing, not rendering. If you were editing a lot it might be worth it.

    Pretty much any card from a gtx 460 768mb on up will run Black Ops with most if not all of the eye candy and very high fps. That game is not at all taxing to a modern GPU. Even BFBC2 will run quite well on such a card--you may have to turn AA down and HBAO off, but frankly, you can't really see the difference.

    For around 200 dollars you can get a 6870 which should be sufficient for everything for some time in the future. (More gets you a 560 ti, and a little more gets you a 6950, but then you're close to a being able to buy a 570 and so on and so forth--insanity).
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  3. prob would avoid an 880 series chipset, go 870 or 890 and avoid one with integrated graphics.
  4. bob100684 said:
    prob would avoid an 880 series chipset, go 870 or 890 and avoid one with integrated graphics.

    Yes, I thought it was the only am3+ full ATX, but then I remembered this:
  5. My 965 is on 3.9 no problem.
  6. kajabla said:
    My 965 is on 3.9 no problem.

    The 955 is the same chip, so it will easily get to 3.9 too. :)
  7. It will probably get 3.9. Just clarifying.
  8. Thank you so much for your replies. U all just settle a lot of questions and decisions i had. Super helpful
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  10. Thank you for the best answer! ;)
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