Low budget suggestions ~500 $

I have choice between - http://www.msi.com/product/mb/770-G45.html and Athlon II X3 445 Or could i get a cheaper motherboard and chip in a little and get Phenom II X4 925, suggestions ? :), i will be using kingston 2gb stick x2 at 1600 mhz and saphire 5770, no need for sli usb 3.0 and other fancy things.
Thanks !
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  1. You'll need to define what you are doing a bit more clearly. Is this for gaming? Office use? 1600mhz is a fairly good overclock for those processors, that are rated for 1333mhz. I'm just saying you might not get 1600Mhz.

    If you are gaming then you should say what kind of games you like. Strategy games would probably benefit more from the Phenom than FPS games.

    Perhaps you should look at Phenom II duals and hope for an unlock of cores.

    I just used this one in an office build, but it would be fine gaming as well:

    If you are interested in unlocking cores then:
    It's not a given but if you get one extra core out of it might be worthwhile.
  2. Yeah it will be gaming mainly , the games , khmm well nothink specific , just anythink that comes out to get my hands on , as for OC and unlocking its not in my priority atm but maybe later if its necceseary , and the phenom II X225 BE is way more expensive(think im not going there , i live in latvia btw ) , the MB you listed is way over my budget.so mbe a cheap MB for phenom II x4 ?or just stick with athlon II x3
  3. Asrock M3A770DE is quite a bit cheaper if you can get one. I have had mine for a while with no problems.
  4. Yes ASRock would be my preference on a budget as well.

    Athlon X3 would be probably your better choice for general gaming.
  5. so the 925 would bee ok with Asrock M3A770DE ?or athlon II X3 With better MB ?:), i cant get the 925 with an expensive MB :(
  6. If the budget is that tight just go with the ASRock board and the Athlon.
  7. Or Asrock N68C-S UCC it does support am3 , i could get the phenom x4 with that , what you think ?, and what chipset would be recomended for amd MB, AMD 770 + SB710 ?
  8. I would not use an Nvidia chipset board like that.
  9. Negative - i would rate any of these chipsets

    GF 7XXX
    NForce 5xx/6xx

    far inferior than any entry level AM2+ out in 2008 due to

    a. HT Limitation when paired with any AM2+/AM3 chip
    b. Still stuck on PCIe gen 1.0/1.1, true AM2+ had migrated to PCIe gen 2.0 as of 2008

    Gigabyte NForce 630a
    * If you install AMD AM3 CPU on this motherboard, the system bus speed will downgrade from HT3.0 (5200MT/s) to HT1.0 (2000 MT/s) spec; however, the frequency of AM3 CPU will not be impacted. Please refer "CPU Support List" for more information.

    MSI 740GTM-P23

    Hyper Transport Bus

    • HyperTransport 1.0 supporting speed up to 1000MT/s


    • 1 PCI Express x16 slot with x16 operation (PCI Express Bus SPEC V1.0 compliant)
  10. ... and there's also that :) a very important consideration for sure. I don't like the NVidia chipset for other reasons, but that trumps my reasons.
  11. asrock M3A770DE looks decent , or there is other better boards at that price range ?
  12. The Asrock 770 has established itself as a no frills low cost ATX/OCer as highlighted in

    Toms USD $500 Dec 2010 SBM

    so it's a good buy ^^
  13. and what about 1600 mhz gb is there big difference between 1333 mhz, and looking at MB manufacturer video card support list , its very... short whats up with that ?
  14. Not much diff but for GPU support list: it's just a rough list based on what their tech dudes managed to test but as long as a GPU is of matching interface i.e PCIex16 it's all good ^^
  15. heh... :) , so about core unlocking , even athlon II X3 unlocks the core what are the chances it could be stable at stock cooling? since even phenoms got the same stock cooler right ?
  16. Well there is a chance but unlocking should be seen as a bonus not given ^^
  17. yeah , thats how im seeing it too , thanks for great advice guys you have been alot of help :)
  18. Oh, almost forgot , About Psu im buying a cheap ass 500 w 12cm cooling 20A at 12V (all i could find), or chip in extra and get somethink that has brand atleast ? :) if so what you would suggest.
  19. i would suggest around 30A on the 12v rail. 20 seems low to me because the 5770 will use at least half of that if i remember correctly.
  20. For any single GPU gamer config really i couldn't see anything pass $39.99 Free Ship Antec ECO 520 and advise nabing it before Egg raises prices up again hehe
  21. well i cant order anythink from newegg :( im from latvia (dont think they support shipping) , even they would shipping would cost alot , what about Chieftec ATX 500W PFC 80+ ,
  22. Ow hit a decent 380-500W 80+ PSU - if u aren't sure link to an online retailer where u at
  23. Some of the Chieftech units are probably good, but they are rarely tested so it's hard to know. They do use better OEMs... Delta, CWT, Sirfa.

    Lower priced Thermaltake PSUs are almost always junk made by HEC.

    The first PSU that I can say for sure is OK is the CX500
  24. First of , thanks guys you have been alot of help ! second , http://www.2u.lv/lat/search/?id=262128 would a corsair 430 w be ok ? for the athlon II X3 And ati 5770(at manufacturer page it says - 500 Watt Power Supply is required.).
  25. As long as you keep it fairly light. Don't put 10 fans on it, etc. They say 500W PSU but that doesn't really mean anything. What matters is the 12V power, and the 28 amps the CX430 supplies should cover everything.
  26. Okay :) , about Ram, i looked at manufacturers support list couldnt find my Ram what i was going to buy , but there are very similiar ones just with some number changes , like mine has KHX1600C9D3B1K2/4GX and supported are KHX12800D3K2/4, it mea the pins wouldnt fit ?
  27. probly not. All DDR3 will have the same pins.
  28. So all ddr3 use same pins , so i should be fine right ?
  29. both are fine boards, so either work.
  30. I would go with the ASRock board based on my own perception of quality and longevity, but either is a good budget choice.
  31. another question , about MB http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=M3A770DE , does it have integrated graphics ? if so does it infuence the performance of the video card im gona put in ? does it stress the MB more ?
  32. That board does not have integrated graphics. It is nothing to worry about if it did.
  33. No IGP but even so irrelevant since u hitting discrete ^^
  34. so the asrock M3A770DE has ATX Form Factor: 12.0-in x 8.2-in thats not regular ATX ? dint regular atx had x 9.6 smthink ? and were im supposed to get those screws they dint come with the MB ! :D Case ?(doubt)
  35. THE 770 is a little narrower than the standard, but should screw into the case in the right spots
  36. PC Casings typically come with all the screws u need in a wrapped plastic bag taped to the interior mostly ^^
  37. About Psus , so any psu that is 80 +, 85 + is atleast mid decent right ?So the paste that comes with the CPU cooler , its sopposed to be good right ?
  38. actually, stick with top beand PSUs: Antec, Corsair, Sea Sonic, XFX, Silverstone are all good, top flight PSUs, I'd rank Cooler Master, Thermaltake, Rosewill Green, and Xigmatek as good, 2nd-tier PSUs. 80+ or 80+ Bronze are more energy efficient.
  39. OK Well if you plan on upgrading (lets say like Crossfire or a better GPU). My build has a great motherboard for the upgrades since it runs 8x/8x which would leave room for crossfire. In which case you probably want to get this combo.

    955 + 5770 254$ Before rebate (225$ AR)
    Asrock Extreme3 870 (90$)
    Patriot DDR3 1333 4gb (2x2gb) 44$ (33$ AR)
    Seagate 7200.12 500gb (40$)
    Case of your choice
    Antec Earthwatt Green 650w 80+ Brnze (65$)

    453$ AR W/o case. So that'll give you 40-50$ to spend on the case. A solid CPU and solid expansion with Crossfire etc. etc.

    Irecommend this case: 40$

    Kind of late to put this build in. But just a suggestion.
  40. Cant really purchase anythink from newegg , they wont ship and i have already bought cpu, MB, Ram , Hdd :) so whats left is video card and Psu , case heck il take just some cheap one
  41. Awww, that sucks. Well for the power supply, cheap ones have always been the Antec Neo Eco. Sorry I didn't read that you weren't in the states =P

    Not a bad PSU, but not a fantastic one. It'll probably be good for your build an a 5770 perhaps.
  42. aznshinobi said:
    Awww, that sucks. Well for the power supply, cheap ones have always been the Antec Neo Eco. Sorry I didn't read that you weren't in the states =P

    Not a bad PSU, but not a fantastic one. It'll probably be good for your build an a 5770 perhaps.

    "RS500-PCAPA3-EU 500W"

    The review: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Cooler-Master-eXtreme-Power-Plus-500-W-Power-Supply-Review/728/1
    Keep in mind that Gabriel is the most forgiving PSU reviewer of the major ones.
    It's not really a 500W PSU, although it will hit that mark. You can really call it about even with the Corsair 430cx.

    Many Cooler Master PSUs are overrated, literally. They cannot deliver what the label says, and are often not even designed to do so. More than one cheap CM PSU can be found to be internally identical to one being sold as a lower power unit, like this one:
    Practices like that make me NEVER recommend CM PSUs, although they do sell a few good ones.

    The Corsair 430cx is probably adequate. I have no idea on the Thermaltake, because the original W0361 was a very old Delta design but this is a W0361RE... could be Delta (good) or could be another company (almost certainly bad). And I really don't know if the original Delta PSU was actually good, it's just an indicator.
  43. ^ Wow, I didn't know the other CM PSUs sucked so much haha. I personally have the Silent Pro 700w. It's a beaut. I think Cooler Master really made it back with the Silent Pro series. Just my 2 cents though. They used to be super cheap because Newegg had huge sales on em. One point the 700w only costed 80$ I believe.
  44. I often consult our own database of course, linked in my sig, but a really fantastic reference on PSUs is done by Makalu:


    That's a tremendous amount of work he's done, and while he claims it's subject to error I have yet to catch one. Just knowing who made a PSU and how many 12V amps it puts out is half the battle.
  45. Lol ya Extreme series CM = no no but actually the Silent Pro Series are highly thought of and in some parts of the world these can be had on the cheap ^^
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