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I have a broken PS3 and i dont want to get a new one, is it possible to use my computers hardware to run the PS3 games?
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  1. Nope.

    No one has even bothered to program an emulator since it is extremely difficult to do and a lot of processing power is need to simply translate the various PS3 instructions into something a PC can use.

    If you don't want to buy a new PS3, then you might as well try and sell your games.
  2. Possible yes, in present day or in the near future, no.
  3. While current CPUs are extremley powerful, the architecture os the PS3 CPU is vastly different. Its based on RISC while PC CPUs are mainly CISC with some RISC.

    But the problem with emulating a PS3 is that emulation has a negative effect on performance. Normally a drop. As an example, Intel Itanium which was purley IA64 with x86 emulation. It was 20% slower in x86 based applications than native x86 or x86-64 architectures.

    It will probably take a few more years before a PS3 emulator is creatable. Both the PS2 and XBox have emulators but are not 100% even to this day.

    Your best bet is to look for a older used PS3.
  4. okay, thank you for the info.
    But i dont think that i can find a PS3 older than the 60GB. lol
  5. The problem isn't RISC vs CISC, as current CPU's are RISC internally. The PS3 is a CELL based system, as IBM's CELL was pretty radical vs current design's it would require more resources then your average PC would have to emulate it in software. Not only that but the PS3 has its own custom operating system installed, its not just a BIOS FW image that boots up. You'd not only have to emulate the HW but also the software operating environment, otherwise the games themselves will never execute. This is why functional XBOX emulators are non-existent even though the XBOX's architecture is identical to a low end PC.
  6. Ask around to see if someone can reball it for you if its a ylod problem, if its a drive issue it should be fixable as well. PS3 emulation is very far away and will probably only come about once the hardware is dead and buried, not to mention all the hardware crypto the system uses, breaking and reverse engineering that would probably make emulation of the PS3 illigal (same probably goes for the 360) and from vulnerable to completely vulnerable.
  7. Search the net for parts. I cant speak for PS3, but when I needed to fix my 360's optical drive, I could buy just the laser, most of its internal parts seperately, as well as a whole new drive. I opted to buy a whole new optical drive that only cost me $40... less than the cost of a game.
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