VREG Heatsink for 1 mb GTX 460

I am looking for feedback/advice if I should buy the VREG heatsink for the 1 mb EVGA GTX 460 that I just purchased (01G-P3-1370-TR).

I am building a new system (Intel i7 950, Asus P6x58d Premium, 6 mb corsair memory), and I may want to overclock this card in the future.

Would it help to have this heatsink for overclocking? How much of a cooling benefit would there be? Will there be a greater risk of burning the card out if I overclock and do not have the additional heatsink?

For $10, it might be an easy decision to just add it now, but any help that anyone could provide in making this decision would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!!
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  1. I'd suggest saving $85 by grabbing the new Asus Sabertooth rather then the "long in the tooth" P6X58D and using that money to grab a factory overclocked EVGA 470 ($249). Normally, I'd say OC it yaself but for $10, might as well have the OC guaranteed.

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