9600 GSO 512MB up to 1GB with Mass Effect 2?

Will my Zotac 9600 GSO 512MB, up to 1GB with turbo cache, run decently with Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2?
I was also curious about Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed 2, mainly ME & ME2 though.
Assuming all my other pc specs are good.

Thank you to those who answer!
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  1. The original Mass Effect might be okay. But Mass Effect 2 and both Assassin's Creed games will probably cripple your 9600 GSO to be honest.

    What resolution do you play at?

    EDIT: By the way "Turbo Cache" is garbage. All it means is the GPU is going to use some of your computer's memory.

    The 9600 GSO benchmarks somewhere between the 9600GT and the ATI 3850 I think. It's basically a 9600GT with disabled shaders to make it cheaper. Keep your resolution or settings low and you can probably play.
  2. Actually you somewhat got it wrong. There is two types of the 9600gso. The newer but also out of production uses the G94 core with only 48 shaders active and is typically a 128 bit using both GDDR2 and GDDR3 on some versions. The 128bit version usually only equip 512mb or 1gb. The G92 version and the oldest is a 192bit with 384mb or 768mb using GDDR3 later versions also used GDDR2 typically XFX. Note there was one rare version produced by Asus that is capable of tri sli.

    In the end both cards were only on par or weaker to a 9600gt depending on the spec. A 9800gt will blow your current card away. It will take at the very least to count as a upgrade over your current card is a 5670 or a GT240/gt430 but you should always aim higher than your current needs or wants.
  3. I play on roughly 1000x700 resolution.
  4. 1) 9600GSO G92 384MB
    2) 9600GSO G92 768MB
    3) 9600GSO G94 512MB
    4) 9600GSO G94 1GB

    That's two types? LOL Regardless, if they have the 512MB version, they only have 512MB of RAM. The card is either a 512MB or a 1GB. It can't be both at once. Most of the benchmarks I found were based on the G92 384MB version. And as you and I both stated, it's below the 9600GT.

    Anyhow, nVidia needs to stop with all their multiple options bull crap. Having numerous versions of a single model number is ridiculous. Just like the three 8800GTS cards they produced (let alone the re-branded versions). Just like today we have three (3) GTX 460's. There's a rare GTX 460 SE model, a GTX 460 768MB and a GTX 460 1GB. None of which are the same performance wise. It's a joke.
  5. If you're running at 1024x768 you'll be more than fine. Frame buffer requirements for that are so small you could almost run it on the 384MB card. Hell, my nVidia ION LE runs ME2 just barely... And that's equivalent to a 9400...
    The Unreal III engine that the game is based off of is HIGHLY efficient. While it looks pretty, it doesn't take much to run...
  6. With such a low resolution the 9600GSO should get you by. :)
  7. Think it will still look good? :O
  8. ryancxg said:
    Think it will still look good? :O

    Relatively speaking, nothing looks good at 1024x768

    However, it's all subjective. You can get by with decent settings at that resolution.
  9. at 1024x768 your 9600GSO should easily max out the game. i know this because i own that card before and playing the game as well at 1024x768. even with crysis i was able to play on high setting and still get 25-30 fps on average
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