Graphic problems. AGAIN.

This was my original post last week:
I've had my PC about 3weeks, Everything has been working fine so far, for the last couple of days I've had graphical errors. When ever I view an image on a website it has green, red and blue dots random on it, if the webpage is built using images it's all over it, however if I open an image on my desktop all is fine.

Videos don't work as they should either, whether it's youtube or played through VLC, wmp etc the same happens but with horizontal blank jittery lines and shockwave flash crashes quite frequently, Videos played through a media player won't crash but will be unwatchable due to the dots flickering and the black lines.

Games have this weird flickering some objects will appear to disappear for a slight second them come back making objects look like they 'flicker', this happens more often in cut scenes then in actual game play, but still happens quite regularly, I also have a 'crackeling' sound in my headphones in all games, it's not constant but it's there and it's ONLY in games.

It all started during a session of swtor where I had some connection errors and CTD, as I looked for solutions online I started to notice these errors, Now games like FIFA 12 will CTD, GTA will have bad flickering same as sc2 but skyrim runs perfectly. I've also tried installing a fresh windows and the same problems occur.

My gfx card wasn't OC, I thought maybe a down tune would help the problems and if I try to even open ntune, the 2nd I do my PC will blue screen, my PC specs are:
i52500k 3,2ghz (oc to 4,2)
asus p67mobo
8gb corsair vengeance ram
gigabyte 550 ti gtx

I have no idea what to do, I think I've just got a faulty graphics card but wanted some advice before I sent it back, thank you taking the time to read my problem & any help is greatly appreciated.

I brought a 650xfx PSU and another 550gtx, thinking if it was my PSU or GPU was faulty I'd either get an straight upgrade or been able to send back gpu and get one a little later, however it's not the PSU or GPU causing the problems I've stated above. So Mobo, ram or CPU? Thanks again
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  1. It seems your GPU is failing. Possibly overheated/overheating. Have you overclocked before?
    But this can equally be a RAM issue Try checking your RAM
  2. I don't mean to sound rude but please read what I've said, I brought a new GPU and i've tried both same error, same with new PSU.

    What makes you think it's ram, can ram cause artifacts, flickering in games and video, and crashes in browsers? If so then how do I check if it's the ram.
  3. Oh and the CPU is overclocked with an aftermarket cooler, HVmonitor is always running and temps are normal in game and out and no the GPU or ram hasn't been OC.
  4. I would say it could be the Monitor, the monitor cable, or the operating system itself. If you can borrow a cable you can see if that would fix it, same with the monitor.

    If its neither of those I would try a reinstall of the OS.

    If none of the above work then it *could be* a faulty pci-e slot, or perhaps a faulty bios.

    eta: I would also pull back the overclock until the issue is resolved. I don't think overclocking would cause that exact symptom, but all outliers should be eliminated.
  5. It's not the Monitor or cable as I get memory crashes in browser and I can print the screen the errors. I've reinstalled twice, it happens on a fresh install with no drivers, I've also tried a different copy of windows to make sure it wasn't corrupt.

    I HIGHLY doubt it's the cpu, but I taken off all OCing anyway, I'm 99% the errors are memory related however I'm not sure if it's faulty ram, or damaged mobo slots etc, I've also run memtest it come back with no errors.

    faulty pcie-e, maybe i'll try.
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