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Hello, I just bought this Heatsink here ( As you can see it has the copper pipes on the bottom. In the description it says "four 8mm copper heatpipes directly contact your CPU". Does this mean that I do not need a thermal compound paste to apply onto the cpu? Don't have much experience with installing these. Thanks in advance if you know the answer!
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    You ALWAYS need thermal paste, what it means is that the heat pipes arent in a metal block, the side of the heat pipe actually makes contact with the heat spreader, but there is still thermal paste involved as the CPU and the heatsink arent milled identically so you end up with small air gaps, the thermal paste fills those in to significantly improve heat transfer.
  2. Alright thanks. K, another quick question. Do most, and specifically, this Heatsink that I bought come with a thermal paste?
  3. Some do, some dont, the one you bought does, it will be a small syringe.
  4. Thanks!
  5. With this heatsink I got do you think I'll see significant temp drops? I have the stock fan on right now and I get to 90-95C under a full load. Once I realized this I stopped playing and am waiting for heatsink to arrive.
  6. Yeah you will definitely get a good temp drop with it, if you install it right it should bring you down to 45-50C under load, the hyper 212+ which is similar brought my 955 down from 62C to 44C
  7. Wow ok thanks! Hopefully I have the same results. Is the thermal paste that comes with this heatsink good? I was looking at some arctic silver stuff online. Considering it if it is that much better. Seeing temps up to 90C and above rly freaked me out
  8. Yeah that means it probably wasnt installed right in the first place, if you install this one right it should be much better, just remember to clean off all the old thermal paste using rubbing alcohol before you install the new one.
  9. Alright thanks for the help! Hopefully it'll be here soon and install will go smoothly!
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