Whats wrong with these molexes?

Hey everyone. This is a male molex connector to power my red lights on the front of my case. I've seen them work before, but why do they only have two prongs? its like theyre disconnected or something, but I've look all in the case and there are no loose wires. Will it still get powered on if I plug a 4-pin to it? I think it would but I just wanted to make sure. And if you're asking why I havent plugged it in yet, it's because the stock PSU I got has no molex connectors. So yea =\

>>> http://i1093.photobucket.com/albums/i421/Getdahorns/molex.jpg
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  1. It only has two wires running to it because it has no use for the other two, the red wire is 5V, the black wire is ground, it has no use for the 12V and the ground so they didnt put in contacts for them, saves cost. It will work just fine if you plug in a 4 pin connector to it.
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