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will my wireless network still work on my fixed line wireless router if the adsl phone line been disconnected ?
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  1. A wireless network between computers does not need internet access.
  2. will my wireless network still work on my fixed line wireless router if the adsl phone line been disconnected ?.i maybe should have added this into my message i left & asked before, i require & want to connect/logon & access the internet to surf the internet with my netgear wg111 v2 usb wireless network adapter thats setup with my netgear dg834g fixed line wierless router.the reason im asking for is because when adsl phone line was enabled & switched on for adsl broadband both the adsl & wireless that i had setup on my pc adsl was ( yellow ethenet cable) they both worked great but since i canceld adsl broadband on house phone line so no longer had adsl via phone line, my wireless side of fixed line wireless router is no longer flashing green but constantly lit green & cannot access the internet :(:(:(.my wireless adapter & computer says/shows thats both are working.wireless stoped working when adsl broadband turned off. i hopes that is clear & makes sence in all my question..many thanks fihart for your kindly reply it is appreciated.
  3. Sorry, you're losing me. I know it makes sense to you, but it *sounds* like you canceled adsl broadband, and now are wondering why you can't get Internet access over adsl broadband. Uhhh, yeah, if you cancel your broadband service, Internet access will be lost. What am I missing?
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    Punctuation, capitalisation were invented to make it easier to understand text. Feel free to try it !
  5. I have a netgear dg834g router that is a 2 in 1 ie, a fixed line (adsl) router with built in wireless network connection router. on my pc i created 2 internet connections. 1 for the adsl internet connection so i could use that to connect to the internet through adsl phone line.also i created a wireless connection on my pc so i could use my netgear wg111 v2 usb wireless network adapter with & through the wireless network side of my netgear dg834g router.i could use either one or even both at the same time.now since i canceled adsl broadband on the phone line & the phone line is not active i am now unable to access the internet via the wireless side of the netgear dg834g wireless network router.I was hoping & wanting to use the wireless network to access the internet.Should I still be able to access the internet with & by the wireless networking side even tho adsl phone line disable. ???.If i should why car'nt I or how do I go about using the wireless networking side ?.I would be extreemely appreciated if anyone can help solve my dialema.TY eibgrad for your post.
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