I have an Intel BOXDX58SO2 motherboard.

Currently I have CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 for memory.


Which I have had since I built the computer 2 years ago.

The memory seems unstable in this new motherboard.

Would upgrading to, be worth it?


How much of a performance gain would I see? Would it be more stable @ 1600mhz due to it being 1.5v memory?

Any other suggestions for memory upgrades?
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  1. You probably won't see performance gains from upgrading memory, unless you are using it all. No, it won't be any more stable due to being 1.5 V. Try running your existing memory at 1333 MHz and 1.5 V – you should get the same [marginally less actually, but not enough to make a difference] performance, and it should be stable.
  2. No, it won't be a more stable setup because of the 1.5V rating but it will be more stable because it runs a 9-9-9-24 specs.
    And yes, 1333Mhz@1.5V does make it stable, but 1600MHz @1.5V is also the same, performance difference is minimal as far as human speeds are concerned.
    1600MHz@1.65 does make the system a lot less stabler because of the increase in standard (1.5 to 1.65) current also comes into the picture.
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