What should i do (getting bsod's but living with it)

ok basically, built my first system from scratch about 1.5 years ago. Its still keeping up with todays pc's and actually performs better than most you buy in shops still by a good amount. But being the performance freak i am, i want the best of the best. Heres what it is:

amd phenom II x4 965 3.4ghz
asus m4a78 pro am2+ motherboard <--want to change
ocz blade ddr2 1150mhz
asus HD4870 1gb
antec earthwatts 650w psu
titan fenrir special xmas edition air cooler
antec 1200

Ok so thats all ok, but the thing is i have been also getting bsod's every now and then which sucks. They mostly point to the ram being dodgy. Well tbh, i havent actually read the bug reports, and if anyone can interpret them il be more than happy to attach them for you to clarify exactly what the problem is. Usually they are ones like:

--pfn list corrupt
--irql not less or equal

or something like that. It usually happens when im closing programs, such as exiting chrome, itunes etc etc. I have not got them overclocked. They are at 1.9 instead of 1.8 recommended volts though, as my mobo doesnt go lower than 1.9


so that aside, what do you guys think i should do? Im thinking my motherboard might not be good enough for my ram basically, because its a low end motherboard (about £80). Both prime 95 and memtest show no errors whatsoever with my ram, and it is completely random when the bsod's happen.

So if i was to upgrade mobo, i would get a ddr3 board cos i want to go forward in time not back, and that would mean obvs getting ddr3 - then begs the question, get double or triple channel as the new intel cpus completely *** over amd, in which case id buy and intel mobo and go the full way and get a new i7 too.

so can you guys see from a small problem, its giving me a big dilemma!

To sum all of this up in a nice little package:
-got bsod's (points to dodgy ram)
-80%sure ram is not dodgy
-think might b cos of cheap motherboard
-upgrade to ddr3 ram and amd/intel mobo
-buy a new intel cpu to go with it?
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  1. well apparently i cant edit the message so:

    i found a program from another thread in this forum where a guy is havving similar blue screens to me called bluescreenview.

    here is a print screen of all my blue screens. They point towards a driver, called ntoskrnl.exe


    what is this? could my ram still be at fault?
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