6800 Ultra/GT vs 8500 GT

Which card provides better performance. A lot of PC games state the minimum requirement as a geforce 6800 GT and then some games say that the 8500 GT is below minimum and some games say that a 8400 GS is below minimum while the 8500 GT is not, is it because of the memory bandwidth on the 8500 GT? (it sucks badly lol...)
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  1. The 6800 GT was one of the better performing high end cards when it was released. The 8500 GT is newer, but it is also a value oriented card. Therefore, the older 6800 GT is the better card.

    The first number is the generation, the next three represent how powerful the card is in relation to the other cards in it's generation.
  2. Lol not a noob but that is what I kinda thought just making sure. But I still need to know an answer to the other question.
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    I doubt you'll find a direct match between those cards. The 7600GT was nearly as fast as the 6800GT. You might be able to find a comparison between the 7600GT and the 8500GT. My guess would be overall they will be close. (8500GT and the 6800GT.)

    As for why some cards count or don't, I wouldn't worry about it. My guess is that seeing as people can't list EVERY card they have to just list something. They might list a card because it has something you need, like a card with SM3. No x8xx cards, but an x16xx would work. Even if the x850XT is faster, it lacks SM3.
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