Need help choosing a graphics card... ATI

So, basically there are like 3 million GPUs out there and they confuse me. I want a card I won't need to replace for a while. I am looking mainly for an ATI card as I have no knowledge of Geforce cards. I am open to the idea of a Geforce card if it suits my other hardware better.

Basically, here is my specs... I have yet to buy these parts but it is what I will get.


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor HDZ965FBGMBOX

RAM: CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CMX4GX3M2A1600C9

I also have a SeaSonic SS-550HT 550w PSU.

Basically, I want a GPU that can play World of Warcraft at max settings (shouldn't be hard), and play most current FPS/3rd person action/adventure games at high, though not necessarily max settings. Other games like Dragon Age 1 or 2 when it comes out, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Team Fortress 2 and any Halflife 2-based games, the new Aliens vs Predator game, etc etc... basically that level of graphics.

I would prefer options up to $150... if this is a joke of a price range for what I want... well, performance trumps price, although I am not in a position to spend much over $200 so no sexy ATI 6970s.

Help me, o wise and venerable gurus of techdom.
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  1. HD 5770 is a good choice.
  2. For 140$, you cant have a more powerful card than this one:
    If you don't want a GeForce card, then go for the HD 5770 if you plan to CrossFire it in the future.
  3. What resolution will you be play at?

    A 5770 is in the $150 also a 460gtx from the nvidia side, which will perfrom very well when properly O.C.

    You said you didn't want to spend over $200?Then you could get a 6850 or a 5850.
    That all depends on what resoultion your monitor is...

    Radeon 6850 $170 after rebate,the extra $20 is worth it.

    Radeon 5850 $194 after rebate,little on the expensive side but also worth it.(might be overkill for the games you are trying to play but it is futureproof)
  4. Basically the 5770 is good and in budget a Geforce 460 is better but slightly over the $150 if you want to go to $170 this is a bargain that will not be there for long
  5. Awesome, I'll have to research all these types. I am at work, so I can't check it, but I think my screen res is 1600x900 on a 20" widescreen monitor, if it matters.
  6. For that res,5770 is great and can handle all games perfectly fine.
  7. Ah very nice, thanks. Another thing... I currently have a case with 3 normal sized fans in it (not sure actual specs on size, but the usual square fans) in a large case... would the stock cooling on the parts i am getting be good enough?
  8. Although the GTX 460 is faster, at 1600x900 you don't need much of a video card. The ATI 5770 would be plenty to play WoW Cataclysm pretty well. And just about anything else you want to play.

    If you can get a GTX 460 or ATI 5770 cheaper than the other, I'd buy the cheaper of the two.
  9. They will be adequate until you start overclocking, when overclocking you may want an aftermarket cooler for the CPU, the graphics cards can usually handle overclocks better with the stock heatsink fan, than processors can. From an airflow perspective it is good to have more fans blowing into the case than out, and its good for the air to move front to back.
  10. Oh really? I have always wondered how best to situate the fans. The way I have them now is, in addition to psu, cpu, and gpu fans, is 2 fans in back of case blowing in and one in lower front of tower that blows out. Should i swap them like have the 2 fans in the back next to the cards blow out with the front in?

    Now that I say it out, it does sound more logical that way...


    I think I may go with the Geforce 460 after all.

    $30 off + $20 more is much nicer especially if it is comparable to the ati one.
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    The GTX 460 768MB for that money is a good option. $169 - $30 - $20 = $119! Quite frankly, even though it's the 768MB version of the GTX 460, it should still be faster than the ATI 5770 in most cases.
  12. Yes you always want the air moving from front to back..change the front ones to be blowing air in(these are called intake fans) and switch the ones in the back so their blowing out the back(these are called exhaust).If you have any fans on the top they should also be blowing air out as it is logic(heat rises).

    ^i agree,the 460 is better than the 5770 even if it's the 768mb version.And you don't really need the extra 256mb because your not using a big screen.Although i always say to get the 1G version because it is futureproof,being able to have 1G is better if you decide to get a new monitor that is 1080p.
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