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I just started a new gaming pc build. So far i have my old Raidmax X1 mid tower with coolmaster rs-460-pmsr-a3 PSU, I just got 2x2gb ddr3 1600 g-skillz ram, I also got a XFX ATI HD 5770 GPU, and i also got a ASUS M4A79XTD EVO MOBO, 22" samsung syncmaster T220 monitor(max res. 1680x1050), Plextor dvd/rw combo drive, 200gb 7200 HDD, and i also have a cool master vortex Plus cpu cooler. I am debating on an AMD processor that will be stable at stock speeds and that will also be stable when i overclock in the future. I hear that the Athlon x3 are unlockable to 4 cores, but not sure if that is stable or if would more stable to go with an actual X4? what do you suggest? My budget for a cpu would at most 120$. I also was wondering if My PSU will be good enough for my set up?

Thank you for looking.
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  1. Not sure about PSU but if you could manage to round up an extra 20 bucks go with this cpu
  2. I don't trust that PSU at all. You should check this one out.

    Antec Neo Eco 520w 80+ 40$
    AMD Athlon II X3 450 80$

    As you can see through the review the 450 is a great bang for the buck.,2666-11.html
    Unlock is not guaranteed, that would be a plus you do get it unlocked.
  3. this is a stupid question, but what would happen if the psu failed? Would it take the mobo and everything with else with it?

    Cool, I was actually looking at that x3 450 too.
  4. Well it depends. Some PSU's are bad quality to the point they do explode. If it short circuited it might. The CM probably won't do either. It's just that it won't supply enough power to your system. At that point the system would be useless.
  5. ok, i plan on going x fire in the futre, how much power psu would i need for that(adding another 5770 card), and would be ok to run a bigger than need psu for a month or 2?
  6. Well you'll probably need something like a 600w then. I think the 520w cut it barely.
    65$ Antec EarthWatt 650w 80+ Brnz

    That'll last you awhile.
  7. A quality PSU has certain things in it that keep the PSU from exploding and taking everything with it,
    ie: it stops supplying power when it shorts.
    650w should be fine.
    it's always fine to run a bigger psu.
    think of it this way.
    You could have a Ford Focus or a Lamborghini Gallardo
    the focus will do just fine in getting you where you need, but they Lambo will do that and MORE.
    nothings wrong with a little Overkill ;]
  8. ^ I'd like to save 100 grand and go with an Evo Lancer XD 30K beast right there. The New Evo X, man they are godly.
  9. ok, thank you for the input. Now i have an idea. =D
  10. i just picked up that antec earthwatt 650w from micro center for 74.99. when i was looking at the PSU's some were single rail, dual rail, and this one is three rails, what do the rails do? is it better to have more rails? sorry for the noob question
  11. You got jipped 10$. 65$ off the Egg.

    Hope it provides a little help.

    Think of it like a route, you want a good 12v rail so that you can get some nice power to your graphics card.
  12. Take back the PSU, and since theres a microcenter around you, you just saved like another 100$ On microcenters website after choosing your store, add a 2500k to your cart and it'll only cost $199, and when the p67 boards come back, add a p8p67 PRO to your cart, and the total price will be 330$ or around there. For both CPU, and MOBO ;)
  13. with this set up, should could i use the stock fan that comes with the cpu? or would it be best to upgrade it?
  14. Just keep it, if your CPU grade is as good as most of the ones reviewers get. The Stock cooler in some cases gets up to 4.6ghz.

    So no you don't need to upgrade.

    The motherboard I suggest the Asrock Extreme4 P67, you'll save 30$ at least. For basically the same performing board.
  15. I actually decided on getting the cpu fan. I figure, better safe then sorry. I got a really good deal on the asus board, so im probably gonna hang on to it, and plus there is a 15% restocking fee if i return or exchange it. I just picked up a new case as well, I got the coolmaster HAF 922. It has a bottom mount PSU, is there a benefit to having the PSU on the bottom then the top?
  16. Most enthusiast PSUs mount on the bottom. You want your PSU cool and so heat rises as most people knows. Currently the top of most cases is used to stick a 200mm/140mm/120mm on top and a rear exhaust of 140mm/120mm.
  17. what shinobi said.
    manly cooling.
    it also helps with the vibrations.
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