First water cooled build Mountain Mods case Please help...

First Thank you for responses.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Case Mountain Mods Asencion Extended, Front Panel Trinity 9 fans, 6 5.25 bays. Left Side Big Window, Top Big Window, M/Board Tray HTX ATX extended Vertical, Rear of case 3 case fans in verticlal position above PSU, 1 fan on left center back panel. Can use two power supplies Bottom right corner/Top left corner.

I want to up Load pics as I do the build. I will probably assemble and dissasemble several times for best in running the loops and wire managment.

Power Supplies:

Koolance water cooled PSU one 1000w multi rails or Coarsair Gold 1200w PSU The Coarsair?

M/Board Asus Rampage lll extreme or Evga 58X Classified?

GPU 2 Evga GTX 580 Hydro FTW Or Asus 5870 2 Gig each with water blocks?

CPU I7-975 3.33 Think the CPU will work ok, Can be over clocked. just not sure how?

One set of three sticks of Coarsair memory 2000mhz = 6 gig or Coarsair memory 1600mhz 3 sticks = 12 gig?

2 Coarsair 120 Gig each SSD raid 0, one 3 gig Velocity Raptor for graphic editing, and games with 2 terrabite hard drive for music, picts and movies and back up for C:drive or

2-300 gig Velocity Raptors Raid 0 with 2 terabite HD for back up?

Creative Labs Sound blaster Fatalaty 1 sound card or,

Please recomend a vary good sound card for Music, Games, Blue Ray Movies?

What 5.25 bay device should I use to read the temps only for the CPU, Graphic cards, N and S bridge?

I have one Lamptron 6 chanel Fan controler with temp display. uses Dallas wire.

Water Cooling:

2 Black Ice SR1 360 rads or 4 360 rads?

900 RPM to 1000 RPM. 45 to 60 CFM. Scythe Fans.

Ek or Bits Power reseivors 250s?

Pumps 2 Swiftech or Uber 655 (Swiftech Pumps highly modified).

Should I run a speed controler on the pumps to regulate the pump speed or plug in direct to the PSU?

I am using:

CPU Block Swiftech

M/Board Bits Power full block with one Block on Voltagen Reg.

I have 9 inches on either side of the M/board tray. For pumps and reseivors.

Should I mount on same side as M/Board or oppisite side?

I can run the loops thru the m/board tray, Plenty of room.

Running distilled water with 2 coils of 99.9 percent silver. Should I run any other additives to help eliminate agaie and funguss? Tubing on the loops is black. No Florecent lights.

Wow so many questions I hope I did not confuse any one.

I really want to choose the best hardware. I only up grade every 5 to 7 years. Sticular on perfection.

This is my first build using liquid cooling. I will use distilled water with 99.9% silver in each loop. making my own coils.

I think I will need to change water every three months according to what I have read on this sight and other sights.

I didnt mean too write a novel LoL,

Thanks for the input. I am sure everyone inputs will give myself and others ideas and thoughts on building systems.

Goggle Eye
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