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Currently i have a 5770 MSI hawk and I'm looking to run eyefinity at max resolution across 3 samsung bx2331( 1920x1080, so 5960x1080). I did some reading which stated that two 5770s in crossfire = 1 5870 and a 5870 can run eyefinity without a problem. So would buying another 5770 be a logical choice? I'm not looking to run crysis or "max out" games with AA and AF and whatnot, I'm perfectly fine with "high" settings.

My primary games are:
cod:black ops
Counter strike:source
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  1. Crossfired 5770 will handle the games you mentioned very well in Eyefinity.
  2. Yup, you may as well just get another 5770 Hawk, overclock and crossfire them. Should be fine for the games you want. Two 5870s might be a bit overkill (says the guy with a1680x1050 res), and boy do they run hot let me tell you. I got a second card because Gothic 4 was running a little slow with just one ^_^
  3. is the hawk worth a 2nd though? theres a 5770 HIS on newegg for 100 after rebate
  4. i think two of those should be fine but a larger vram size might help a little at that res
  5. You don't need another Hawk, you can crossfire with any HD5770.
  6. yes i understand that, thats why i was refering to the HIS
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