GS800, 750TX or FSP Everest 800W ? Please Advise

Hello friends,

I am looking for a future proof powersupply for my CrossfireX configured PC as follows:

1. AMD Phenom X4 B55 (it's 4 core unlock version of X2 555)
2. Biostar TA 790 GXE 128M motherboard
3. Two HDD, 1TB each
4. 8GB GSkill Pi CL4D RAM
5. 2 x HD 6870 Sapphire 1GB DDR5 (Both are normal cards, no OC edition)
6. A Sound Card and 2 DVD-ROM Drives.

I will upgrade certain components in future and am looking forward to overclocking this system.

I have shortlisted the following SMPS, please suggest me which is better to use? In my area all of them are similarly priced, 750TX is a bit expensive:

1. Corsair GS800 800W PSU
2. Corsair 750TX 750W
3. FSP Everest 800W

There is also Seasonic but I have never used Seasonic components before.... Please advise.

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  1. Seasonic are usually very good. Maybe you should list which Seasonic model it is.
  2. Okay I have contacted the people and it seems their RECENT price is much higher than the three I mentioned... It's an 850W power supply, Model SS-850AT
  3. I would also appreciate if you let me know like which factors should I look for in an SMPS before buying it? What is the benefit of using modular PSU, and what are the differences between having single rail and multi-rails? etc etc...

  4. Anyone??
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    Mostly you want to make sure its got enough power between its 12V rails at first, it should be at least 80 plus basic certified so you know its reasonably efficient, also check for reviews, they tell you whether or not it can do what it claims, and it shouldnt have a red voltage switch on the back, ALL units designed in the last 5 years have APFC which means no voltage switch.

    Modular PSUs let you disconnect the cables you arent using so you dont have a giant bundle of wires in the bottom of your case, thats about their only advantage.

    Single or multirail really doesnt matter, you dont have "trapped power" with a multirail unit like XFX would like you to believe, and a single rail unit isnt going to fry everything like Antec would like you to believe, they both work just fine and its just different techniques to the same ends.
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  7. Thanks hunter315, this was very helpful. So which one should you say I go for from the three?
  8. I would go for the 750TX, especially if its the TX V2, its nicer than the GS 800 regardless and the FPS 800W has some ripple issues from what i have just read so i would stay clear of that.
  9. Thanks hunter :)
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