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So i finally built my first comp. However i had a few questions regarding the build i was not able to get my mobo in the case with the I/O shield installed so i had to take it off. Should i be worried about not having an I/O shield?
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  1. Hello starkiller123;

    In most cases not using the IO shield is just a cosmetic thing and won't affect performance.

    Want to remind us what motherboard and case you're working with?
  2. The case generally comes with an I/O shield. When provided, it should be removed and replaced w/ the one in your MoBo box.
  3. Mobo= Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3
    Case= Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    The shield fit into the case but it was keeping the mobo from latching onto the standoffs due to the fact that the IO shields padding was to thick
  4. I saw someone else was complaining about the same issue.

    No problem running without the shield in place.

    Does the shield look like someothing you could to mod to fit?
    The shield will help keep the case cleaner.
  5. i could prolly mod it but i dont want to take out my mobo lol i have my all of my cables sorted out and tied down
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    Just keep an eye out inside the case every now and then to check for material infiltrating into the case from the rear.
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