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Hi, here is my first thread.

The 425 watt unit on my IBM is a bit weird. It produces 425 watts, yet only has 15 amps on the 12 volt rail. Thats the rail which basically everything important runs off, right? It also has 25 amps on the 3.3 volt rail, which seems to be alot in my opinion. Why is this the case?

There is also a +12v p/d rail apparently, its rated at 14.2 amps. It says that on the sticker on the side. What does 'p/d' mean? Does that mean that the power supply has two rails?

The Power Supply is an ASTEC Model, and it must be a good'un as its being used in an IBM Intellistation Z pro. IBM make their PCs well. Its using a pair of Intel Xeons at 2.8 ghz and are socket 604

Finally what would be the most powerful GPU that I could run off it with my current system? It would be AGP (yeah I know, its old)

Help is appreciated :)
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  1. the 3.3V rail always has high ampage. not sure about the p/d, but you probably have two 12v rails if the sticker lists two +12V rails.

    As far as a GPU goes, i would limit it to a card that uses less than 180 watts peak. with the two processors you have, you arent left with many watts for a graphics card once you take into account what is needed from the hard drives and ram.
  2. Cool, so what would be the most powerful card that would work?
  3. Hello? Anyone?
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