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Okay so im looking at the G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB that have a cake cutter heatsink on them for my new p67 build and i'll be getting a COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus heatsink with the double 120mm fans for the push pull setup.

My question is will the RAM interfere with the cpu heatsink considering it has a cake cutter heatsink? Anyone have some heights on these components? I may be getting 2 sets of the ram so all 4 slots will be in use so i wouldnt be able to neglect slot 1 and 3 in hopes that using slot 2 and 4 will avoid the heatsink.
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  1. Here is a Hyper 212+ in a P55 motherboard with a tall RAM sink.

  2. So i guess the P55 mobos being LGA 1156 are dimensionally identical to a p67 1155 mobo when looking at the socket position compared to the ram slots?
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    Found this in another forum:

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    I can confirm that a Hyper 212+ installed on a P8P67 Pro will allow Corsair Vengeance memory to be installed in all four slots. I've got some pictures I'll post later but tested it last night. It is touching the bottom of the fan but there isn't much pressure. Mine also has the plastic fan attachment.

    My heatsink is installed a little crooked like the pictures on top. I think if you got it very parallel to the memory slots there would be no contact.
  4. It seems the new Hyper 212+ have a plastic clip that sets the fan a little closer to the RAM slots but I havent seen anyone say the 1st is unusable yet.

    seem a tad bit shorter than the vengeance ram so i guess i'll be good to go
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