550$ Gaming pc questions

I know that the 500$ question has been asked a bunch of times, but I'm just going to ask again, because my situation is a little different.


My budget is currently 450$ (I already have a case that i modded awhile ago... cost me 100$ total)

What I've come up with so far, is...

Amd Phenom X4 965 @ 3.4 ghz 130$ (from a friend)

Hitachi 1tb hd 55.88$

Mushkin 4gb ddr3 10666, 41.99$

Ultra lsp 750 / 650 ps (not sure if i need 750) Either 59.99 +sh or 75 + sh

Asus dvd drive w/ lightscribe 21.02$

I dont know what i need as my mobo thats a main question. More on this in a second (??$)

I know i HAVENT included a gfx card, that is a seperate budget than this one.

What i want the computer for is gaming, which i obviously cant do with out a gfx card, so im buying that seperate to this, i'll probably get a radeon 6950.

So my biggest question is on the mobo, i dont know what kind i want or need all i know is that i need onboard gfx for the time being. My budget can go up to about 460 or 465. I need a good, stable mobo with onboard gfx for the time being, and crossfire would also be nice.

The total cost so far is 100 for the case, 125$ for the ram , HD, and dvd drive inc tax and s&h (directron) , either 60 or 75 for the ps and then 130 for the cpu, which puts me at somewhere between 315 and 330$. I would like to try and stay under 450$, but i also need high end so i can go up to 500$ IF (absolutely) NECESSARY.

Any help would be greatly apprecieated, wether its upgrades to the build i already have or anything that could cut down the price without reduction in preformance or a mobo suggestion or just comments. Thanks for reading and/ or helping! :sol:
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    Hmm for gaming configs in this price range just to share


    perhaps can use some ideas ^^
  2. There are capable DVD burners on Newegg for $15. Sometimes they put them on sale or make them free shipping. It seems trivial but I always look for areas I can knock $5 or $10 off. With a $450 budget they add up.
  3. Yeah it is trivial i'm just trying to save some cash because the gfx card im going to get is 210$
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