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Hello, I have Windows XP with Service Pack 3.I am Using Iobit Security 360 nothing was detected my Problem is When i Turn on My Computer Then the Loading Screen it's so Slow takes 2 Minutes to Finish. it happened that i discovered my Firewall was Disabled and Task manager, Regedit, and even my Internet Explorer Options. My Computer auto Disables so i open Microsoft Security Essentials The Virus is Win32/Sality.A , I try to removed it it still reinfects my Files and when i select Full Scan on Microsoft Security Essentials the scan is almost Finish but it just closes itself. my MSE is infected too i use AVG Internet Security 2011 i find out my Firewall auto Disables. and something is using my CPU Speed My AVG Removes the Virus. and Used Spybot for Returning Registry Edit and Task Manager but the problem it slows down why it slows down after removing Viruses i try to Remove all Startup Items and Check Disk and Disk Defragment using Smart Defrag Re-install or Update Nvidia Drivers, Flash Player, DirectX, and Windows Update.
and msmpeng.exe from MSE Chews up my CPU Speed i disabled it nothing happens. i Uninstall all my Game it frees up 48 GB for E: and 7 GB for C: but it still Slow

Problem: Windows XP Slowest Loading Screen 2 min and Startup and Taskbars Hangs 5 min and i wait it works fine. Very Slow when Turning on my Computer. it was fast few days but today is so slow.

Memory RAM 2000 GB DDR2 and 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk 75 GB Partitioned into 2 Hard Drive 25 GB for Windows and 50 GB for Games
CPU: AMD Sempron 2.0 Ghz
Nvidia nforce 6100 Geforce 405 Video RAM 512 MB

Do i need to use Hijack This?
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    well you could registry clean your computer.With ccleaner and also you could turn off many of the start up apps that are switched on during boot.
  2. Yes . i have cleaned my Registry and Defrag i use Advanced SystemCare pro.
  3. Try installing and running the FREE version of Malwarebytes anti-virus software It will run alongside your current anti-virus software.
  4. and I don't have any Apps that are Switch on on Startup i used msconfig

    Free up to 20 GB Space = OK
    Clean Registry = OK
    Remove Startups = OK
    Defrag Registry = OK
    Check Hard Disk = OK
    Defrag Hard Disk = OK
    Clean Hard Disk = OK
    Update Windows = OK
    Scan Computer = OK - AVG
    Scan Computer = OK - SpyBot
    Scan Computer = OK - Microsoft Security Essentials
    Update Graphics Driver = OK
    Install DirectX 9.0c = OK
    Install Flash Player = OK

    The Virus i Encountered Yesterday which i Removed
    I Figured it out that my Firewall was Disabled and i turn on my Firewall but when i Open a File My Firewall Turns Off and my Task Manager, Regedit Disables too.
    I Used Spybot to remove Errors and it returned Task manager and Registry and Firewall Notify. but when i Restart and or Open Internet Explorer or a File it Disables Them.
    Virus identified Win32/Tanatos.M = AVG
    Virus identified Win32/Sality.A = Microsoft Security Essentials
    Unknown Virus Win32/DH.CAFF82025D = AVG
    Unknown Virus Win32/DH.CAFF8200D7 = AVG
    Virus identified Win32/Vitru.A = AVG
    Virus found Trojan Horse Generic20.CHJE = AVG
    Virus found Win32/Heur = AVG
    Virus identified Win32/Sality.AD = AVG
    Virus identified Win32/Patched.GT = AVG
    Malware = Unknown "GOOGLEUPDATE.EXE" = AVG

    1st Problem:
    Well another problem when i Fix Task Manager and Registry Edit and Firewall.
    When opening Files that are Recently Healed by my Anti Virus it removes my Task Manager and Registry Edit and Turns Off My Firewall.

    2nd Problem:
    Very Slow Windows XP Loading Screen then After Showing Welcome Screen it's very Slow too at Startup. and So Slow at Opening Files like Internet Explorer takes 30 Seconds to open but when the Computer get used to it it's Fast.
    and I Close and Reopen Internet Explorer it Takes 30 Seconds to Open and when the Page Showed up it's Fast. Free at last. My Problem is when opening at Programs its Very Slow.

    Should i Post Hijack This Log
  5. And the Internet Explorer Options too are Affected I cannot use it maybe It's Controlling by a Newer or 2011 Spyware.
  6. I've Solve The Problem The Problem was there was Damaged Boot Sectors on my hard Disk because i didn't Boot Check C: and D: is the only one i Boot Check. because my Hard Disk is Partitioned.
  7. so the there were damaged boot sectors?
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