Benchmark scores seem really low

My set up:

Corsair GS800 power supply
Biostar TA870+ mobo
AMD Athlon II x2 250
6gb GSkill DDR3
HIS Radeon HD 6950

I'm new to benchmarking but I have read people's posts of their scores and mine seems a little low to me. I ran 3DMark06 (1920 x 1080, 4xAA) and only got 13237 marks. Can someone tell me if that seems low or not and if it does then possibly point me in the direction I need to go to get my rig where it needs to be?

I will only be gaming with this thing too.

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  1. An Athlon II X2?

    This rig is VERY CPU limited, if you're rolling with a 6950. Consider the $150ish upgrade to a Phenom II X4 (965, preferably).
  2. Yea I figured that might be holding me back but it was a cpu / mobo combo.

    Are you thinking that is my problem with the lower scores than others I am seeing around the 20000 / 21000 mark?
  3. try to overclock or unlock your cpu to get a higher score
  4. to my knowledge the athlon ii x2's can't be unlocked but i read some where that it can be overclocked from 3.0 to 3.9
  5. my bad was thinking of phenom ii x2 555 I think
  6. Sorry for all the questions but this overclocking thing is fairly new to me.

    I have my CPU overclocked to a 3.6 with 1.4v. Now Coretemp stopped showing me a CPU you guys know of another software that will show cpu temps while it is overclocked?

    My final question...I also downloaded Prime95 but for the love of god have no idea how to use it. Could someone please explain the steps I need to take to stress test my rig to make sure it's stable?

  7. CPUID HWmonitor or realtemp

    double-click prime95 (if you have desktop icon)->Click just stress-testing->for CPU stability click in-place large ffts->click OK run for 12-24hrs. you may also wanna try intel burn test, OCCT lin pack, and LinX as well as playing games for hours (best part)
  8. OK I downloaded HWmonitor and it is showing me a CPU temperature under the Temperature's tab underneath my motherboard but when I look at the Temperature's tab underneath my processor it shows 0*C for core #0 and #1. Is this normal when overclocking? Will the CPU temperature suffice underneath the mobo tab or is that not at all accurate?

    I am waiting to do the stress test until I can figure out a way to watch the temperature. Thanks in advance, you're being a huge help!
  9. Sorry, to be more specific...

    it is actually giving me an updated temperature under the CPU tab underneath the Mobo drop down but NOT on the actual processor drop down.
  10. that's weird, probably a bios problem I think the CPU temp under the mobo drop down should be fine, did you try realtemp?
  11. Yea nothing is logging a cpu temp anymore after overclocking.

    With my mobo though it had an auto OC feature which I used b/c when I tried to manually OC the 200MHz it wouldnt let me. Instead it has 3 pre-built OC features that are as follows:


    if you're familiar with the BIOS for this board then you'll know understand what I mean. I've never OC'd a CPU before but I don't think I missed anything that would have prevented me from being able to up the 200MHz to something else.

    But anyway, after switching it to "v12" the temperature's stopped being read, and yes I have tried realtemp.
  12. am not familiar with this board
  13. i was just throwing it out there that it was a mobo specific thing. think i should switch that back to normal and attempt to figure out how to OC manually?
  14. really wanna see those temps
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