I have a 2nd monitor connected by VGA.
It flickers when I have the computer plugged in to the mains. I took the battery out but it didn;t help. When I disconnected the mains plug, the flickering went away.
Any ideas how I can fix this?
The plug in the wall is 2 prong but the wall socket should be earthed (European socket).
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  1. Verify that the 2nd monitor is configured to use its highest supported refresh rate. What version of Windows are you using?
  2. XP, yes the refresh rate can't go higher or the monitor shows an error and says it it not optimal.
  3. What make/model of GPU? Also, what resolution are your monitors running?
  4. It's definitely the plug as when you unplug it it stops so it;s an interference thing surely?
  5. You can definitely get interference between devices. Are you using 2 LCDs or 1 LCD and 1 CRT or 2 CRTs?

    You can also try using and extension cord (if power related) to move the power connection of one of the monitors to an alternate plug/ground.
  6. That did it - plugged it into a separate socket.

    What would cause that?
  7. It is a matter of electrical interference where one device synchs with the power source at a slightly different level than another device on the same circuit. Hard to explain without getting into the weeds. Monitors/displays are very sensitive to those minor fluctuations.

    Glad it worked itself out. Good luck and happy holidays!
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