Clicking sound from GPU fan

There is a clicking sound coming from my GPU fan, a Sapphire 5850 Vapor-X. I have confirmed it is that fan, and not another fan. There are no wires or other things touching the fan, and I do not believe there is a bent blade (I've only had this card for 6 months, and I doubt compressed air damaged the blade). Upon research, it is suggested I try lubing the bearings. How would I go about this, if this is the correct action to take?
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  1. No clue, but this will bump the thread up.
  2. It's probably hitting the heat sink. My aftermarket fans do this because I flipped them around lol... I'll say that it definitely shouldn't be doing that, but it can happen. Your best bet would be to contact Sapphire first, as they can either replace the card or send a new heatsink/fan or whatever it might be.
  3. If you already tried lubricate the bearing and the problem still there then I suggest you to RMA that card to get replacement...
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