Which is better phenom II X2 or athlon ii x4

guys, what processor would work better with 4Gb dual channel ram and ati rad hd 4670 1Gb. Phenom II x2 or Athlon II X4?
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  1. athlon II x4 is better because of more cores.

  2. When it comes to a high clock dual core phenom vs a low clock athlon x4 the phenom will outprefrom it in most things. Most things still aren't made to use 4 cores.
  3. The Phenom II X2s are great duals. The Phenom X4s are better, and have been dropping in price lately. The Phenom II X4 955 BE is selling for $120 with free shipping.
  4. $99.99 + shipping at Tiger w/code XGF30241
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