Will my old memory work????

Hi, Im thinking about getting a LGA 1155 mobo with I5 2500k, then going to ivy bridge, but will my memroy work from the other motherboard? Its a set of 3 put if i just use 2 will it work with my new motherboard? The memory is KHX1600C9D3K3/12GX.
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  1. they are triple channel memory so could not work in dual also the dim on it are 512mb each check the if the board you want to buy will be able to use this kind
  2. Yes, your memory will be fine. but uh if your going to run ivy bridge off the same mobo. your gonna have compatibility problems cause they are different sockets. But yes your memory will work on that board. Some times even tho your kit or even a stick on your kit may be compatible in the manual it still works. I have 2 sticks of 4GB on my board of Hyper X to and i like the memory thinking of getting another 8 gig kit (all 1600) so i can atleast up to 16 gigs
  3. Should i w8 till new ivy bridge boards come out?
  4. there already is ivy bridge boards out there just 1155 boards with gen 3.0 pci exspress slots from what i know
  5. I wouldn't bother upgrading an X58 platform at the present time.
    Wait for Haswell = more economical to skip a generation for a 30 -40% performance increase.
    SB will only give you a 15-20% performance increase and very little gaming wise.
  6. haswell?
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    Triple channel ram will usually work on double channel motherboards if their otherwise compatible, you can even use three sticks. Look in your manual it should show you where/how to install three dimm's of ram.

    Also Ivy bridge may not be that big of an improvement over sandy bridge, only thing I've heard is Intel HD4000 graphics which isn't an upgrade if your using a discrete video card anyways. If your looking to buy now go with the sandy bridge i5

    Thats my opinion
  8. i agree thats why im consisting my first build with a i5 2500k lol oh boy pci 3.0 when they make major improvements on it i might upgrade but from what ives seen its only suposed to be like a 2% increase in power out of the cards
  9. hmm yeh...
    I might get i7 2700k when ivy bridge come out cause it will be cheap
    i might also get this mobo ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 Motherboard
  10. if your just gaming your better off with a i5 2500k
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