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My son plays WOW. Will a Graphics Card - VisionTek RADEON X1300 512MB AGP card do well enough in his computer?
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  1. to be honest, no AGP card is going to give you the performance of a newer card. the x1300 is way dated - ati is in the 6 series now.

    Might I ask the other specs of the computer? we could help you a little better then.

    specifically, the motherboard specs (name if you can find it), power supply size (on the sticker on the power supply), and RAM.

  2. is an Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family a good card for wow or should i get a better one?
  3. LTzach7,

    the G33/G31 is an onboard VGA adapter that serves its purpose as a production machine. I used to have a PC with this chipset; it struggles with high res youtube videos! If you want to play WoW, you will need something more powerful. AKA, you need a discrete graphics card. I would suggest going with an ATI 5770 or higher for fluid rated with acceptable settings.
  4. great advice kbently... now find us an agp 5770... oh wait ;)

    yea 3650, 4650 , or 4670 is about max that you can find and even then the 4670 commands a premium

    neither card will max out wow, but it shiould be playable

    here's a good option

    $75, but $60 after rebate
  5. I was replying to Zach g00f, he didn't specify whether he had a PCIe slot or not. the G33 supports PCIe, so... :)

    The OP on the other hand, ..
  6. ahh didn't notice the thread jacker >_<

    yea the chipset might load wow btu you'l get the infamous "discrete video is needed" and stuck in low settings at low fps ... if it loads at all , if he has a pci-e 5770 would work great for wow , though as WoW prefers nvidia archetecture he might get better framerates for less money with a gts 450
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