Is this a good motherboard for a gaming build?

Hello all,
You may have seen me on this forum over the past few months asking about a gaming computer I plan on building. Well I'm happy to say that I will soon be able to afford the build. However, I'm still having a few doubts about certain parts. I was wondering if someone could recommend a good gaming motherboard for an 15 2500k cpu. One where SLI or CrossFire is a possible option down the road. I'd like the best possible for roughly 150 dollars(cheaper is better if you can). I'm currently unsure about whether a Z68 would be more effective than a P67 as I've heard the P67 can overclock better. For now I plan on just running a HDD, a wireless card, and a discrete graphics card. Thank you in advance!
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    This Mobo would be :)
    This is afterall a ROG Mobo, so the OC'ing and gaming possibilities of this mobo are exceptional.....

    Plus this Adapter (WiFi)

    Then you have the other side

    With ample space for the other stuff and expandability to last you another few years.
  2. own this board no problems thus far. I52500k overclocked to 4.5 ghz.
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