Macbook Pro 13 inch

The keyboard backlighting does not work after an alcohol swab down, also the keyboard can get jumpy. Should I just air it out let the alcohol (which should have already exited the macbook) dry out?
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  1. We're not talkin' about vodka again, are we?

    What type of alcohol did you use?
  2. 70% isopropyl >_< i think i shorted out the LEDs :(
  3. What was the other 30%?
    Probably should have been a higher isopropyl percentage.
  4. Once its shorted out, its shorted out. Sorry bud, you'll either have to find a way to replace those LED's or, gasp, have Apple do it for a "wink wink" reasonable price.
  5. What's a Macbook?
  6. Meh this pos is going to my dad and nvidia optimus here we come!
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