Video card stuck in pci slot

I'm not sure this would be the right section since it has to do with the video card I'm going to go with this though..

I recently purchased a Ares HD 5870 Video card and I attempted to install it into my Mobo asus Rampage III.

Because of my case I could only get it into one card but I noticed i couldnt bring it over all the way entirely because of the bar that goes over the expansion slots at the back cuz of how big the card is.

I just got a new case which I believe will be better for allowing me to use this comfortably, however I can't get the card out of the PCI slot. this seems pretty basic but I can get almost all of it out but the end by the clip wont get release and I cant get my hand in to release the lock pin due to how big it is and being directly next to my fan...

I guess what I'm asking is any suggestions on how to remove it safely with out damaging, I've been too afraid to do much with it as it was quite expensive... Help please :o

I hope im not doubleposting browser is locking up on me.
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  1. I think we would need pictures really, Im hoping its in the PCIE slot for a start. Are you talking at teh back of the card here ? The plascic clip ? I have Known people spend a while trying to push them the wrong way. Its usually sideways.

    Mactronix :)
  2. lol it is PCIE slot, I'm at work ill snap a pic when I get home, or I can link to a virtual pic of the mobo and show where it is. that one is a different clip than most, it's a up down clip opposed to the typical sideways ones I've seen. Like I've literally lifted all of the card out of the slot except for like a little bit at the front near the clip. I don't wanna yank it out or anything so yeah :<
  3. Strange i usually take the clip end out first ? Yea just bung us a picture or send a link if its easier/quicker.

    Mactronix :)
  4. the card is huge its a 5lb video card. it extends way over that clip so I didnt start there since I couldnt really get to the clip. yeah a pic tonight
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