5970 + 5870 Crossfire 5970 99% Active GPU - Idle =S

Ok, I've finally set up my 5870 with a 5970 in crossfire. Everything looked good until I tried to overclock the 5970 to 5870 speeds, my PC freezes or I get a BS when I try to load a game or run a benchmark..I also cannot increase the core voltage on this 5970 from Multimedia Diamond in MSI.
I also have this picture.. I'm not sure if my 2nd GPU in my 5970 is working properly.. In Idle mode it sticks at 99% active..(Pic Below)

Please don't tell me I got ripped off, as I bought this 5970 off ebay for half retails price.. :sweat:
Edit:System Specs
Intel Core i7 920
OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3-1600
Corsair 750W PS
Windows 7 64 Bit
Direct x 11 June 2010 Redist
10.10e Catalyst Drivers

I'm kinda new to CrossfireX'in and your help will greatly be appreciated!
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  1. I see in MSI afterburner that your GPU does idle, but something causes it to spike up. Can you verify any sort of patterns in your PC usage that cause this?

    As for your HD5970 OC'ing, did you remember to up the voltage? ATI has a specific tool that allows this, and should get you the desired 5870 clocks.
  2. Ok I think the Idle problem is resolved..(It was happening after a fail overclocked + benchmark) (<--Still weird but it seems to be working fine other then this.)

    I up'd the voltage to 1.225 ~ and could only get 1100 off the memory and 750 MHZ. Above these game loadings/benchmark would freeze or my display driver would stop responding.
    So basically right now I'm just getting 5850 x3. On my Heavens benchmark with all maxed I'm getting 1195 with everything on clock. I should be getting near 2000 with 3x 5870 and a OC'd CPU(i7 920).

    I'm starting to think that my system is unstable because of my 750watt power supply. Should I move up to 1000 watts? :/
  3. Ok I just tried heavens benchmark on my stock 5970.Gave me 834(Sounds reasonable)
    But I cannot overclock it.. In MSI the volt core is greyed out. I tried to use an ATI tool but it was limited to 1.16 volt. So I cannot overclock atm..
    Ati Overdrive is enabled..

    When I had the crossfire setup I think the volt was adjusted automatically in MSI afterburner when I up'd my 5870 V Core the 5970 V core would also go up I think.(Using Synchronize settings for similar graphics processors) but the clocks would not change on the 5970 with this option.. Just the V Core, it was greyed out but the bar went up.

    I'm starting to think that the Volt Core is locked on my 5970 which is causing the overclock to be unstable? Anyone know how to unlock this? :(
  4. Well you're looking at 640W or so being pulled by just the graphics cards and processor. Even a Crosair might start sweating.
  5. Thanks shadow.. I'm sure selling the 5870 and keeping the 5970 and not have to buy a new power supply would save me some money but heh, I kinda like toys :P..
    I still don't know why I can't unlock the Volt Core on my 5970, might of been this the problem for the whole time..
  6. you are aware that a 5970 is not 2x 5870 right?
  7. what a ******* noob
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