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Hey guys i recently bought parts for a new computer, and they arrived today. This is my first build and i encountered a problem. I installed the CPU (intel sandy bridge 2100 3.1Ghz) to put in the cpu cooler theres 4 white plastic prongs that go in the mother board. Only 3 prongs went in easy and the last 1 is half way in and i can't seem to get it in. Do i have to get it in all the way or can i just leave it as it is? If not any tips on how i could get it all the way in? I tried removing the cpu cooler from the mother board and getting pliers to straighten the prong but i can't remove it from the motherboard.
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  1. the push pins?
    All should be pushed in properly.
  2. Yea the 4 plastic pins i only have 3 in and the last 1 is only half way in. Anyway tips to get them all in?
  3. Yes, it only shows pictures i was thinking of removing the 3 pins and putting in the last 1 in first but i cant get them out any tips?
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