Building a pc from scratch (Im newb)


as mentioned in the title, I am building a PC from scratch. I need help in deciding a few things/parts that I have no knowledge about. Here goes,

CPU - Intel i7 2600k
Motherboard - Asus p8p67 PRO
HDD - WD 500GB caviar black SATA III
PSU - Coolermaster 550w

Above are the parts that I have decided on. I will need help and advices on casing, SATA III SSD and which corsair DDR3 2x2GB 1600mhz RAM to choose.
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  1. Er, I accidently double posted. Please close this tread.

    Sorry for an inconvenience caused.
  2. Buy the Radeon HD 5870. This card is nearly as good as a GTX 570 for only $199. I'm not throwing ads around, so don't report me. I'm just excited about the best price I've ever seen for this card. If I were building a computer now, I would definitely get this, but I already have a GTX 470 and I don't think I'll get this. This deal ends in 7 hours! It's a Shellshocker.
  3. While Intel chips generally perform slightly better than their AMD counterparts, sometimes it is questionable whether or not the slight performance gain will be worth the large price increase. Considering all things, it may be possible to build an AMD system for significantly less than a nearly comparable intel system.

    As far as the asus board, that's a decent selection. Look at their lineup of AMD boards. And the solid state storage would definitely be a good idea considering how inexpensive they are becoming, and how much faster they are than conventional platter drives

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