New chipset for gaming ~= $500

Hey Community,

I'd like to get a new chipset for about $500 (with $100 wiggle room). I currently use 1980x1080, have a full sized case (Azza's Hurrican), use oen 6950 2gb video card and have a 750 watt corsair 80plus silver psu. The rest of my computer is old news and i want new stuff!

I'd like to potentially crossfire my video cards and i think the sandy bridge is sweet. I've had my eye on an intel i5 2500, but i'm not sure what mobo and how much ram i should run. I might want to use eyefinity eventually or increase my resolution and I plan on playing skyrim and d3 on this setup. I'm no "enthusiast" obviously so the better performance/price, the better.

An additional concern:
Since the games I've had my eye on are not going to be released until at least 11/11/11, should I wait?

The Kingler
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  1. ^ +1 the 2500k is the sweet spot ATM.
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