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Hello, yesterday I turned on my Dell Inspiron 770 Xps gen 2 laptop only to find it has a black screen. Its off waranty i'll say that to start lol. I tried all the usual fixes and nothing works. I checked my lcd and it connected properly. I am guessing at this point its either the graphics card , or the motherboard. First off i am just going to say that on the XPS gen 2 the graphics card is mounted on and not sodered like most are these days in laptops. So i am able to just replace the Graphics card rather than both. Soooooooooo I am asking the community for help :P First off can someone show me a pic or link showing exactly where my graphics card is in this model and what it looks like to make sure i'm looking at the correct thing. Second I was hoping people could help me find a replacement card for this other than OEM because dell is asking 460 dollars just for the graphics card which happens to be almost 6 years old........ lame. So yes pls pls pls pls offer your help. I would love you all for ever for it.

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  1. I don't have any experience replacing laptop graphics chips but it should be the the chip under the larger fan and heatsink (if there is one, the CPU tend to use less power and thus generate less heat) and you have to be pretty careful in removing and replacing it.
  2. I've got exactly the same problem. Did you ever get any help, i.e. a picture and/or source for parts?

  3. OP didn't respond, I'm guessing he/she either solved the problem or gave up. You can always look on NewEgg or eBay for parts, but try to get it from NewEgg if possible since eBay parts may or may not work (though their buyer protection policy heavily favors the buyer)
  4. Thanks! I'm thinking though, now having taken the laptop apart, that a replacement part may be hard to find such that it can fit the design of the heatsink and motherboard connection.

    I called Dell and they told me that a. they can't service me as I am outside of the US (but Canada may have their own service department which they didn't confirm either way) and b. that if they could do it, it would be with a refurbished part (given how old the system is) and that the part alone would be over $600.

    May be time for a new laptop...
  5. I agree, since that same $600 could be put in a new gaming laptop with newer parts. I don't suggest you buy parts directly from Dell since their parts are usually way overpriced and only morons or people who need a specific part would get them(mobos mostly).
  6. I have a Dell XPS Gen 2... I believe it's an M170 (although, I never could find this number anywhere). I tried what they call an Inspiron 9300 graphics card in mine, to solve this black screen problem, and it worked! I bought the W5379 from eBay for under 45 dollars. It just doesn't have the double copper outtakes, but it fits perfectly. This should solve the problem. I've done this twice now for two separate XPS Gen 2's. Good luck!
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