What is failing me?


Just put together a new build of

RAM-1333htz 8GB
Mother Board- 88Og-ud3h
CPU-AMD Anthlon IIX4 640 3.00GHz
Graphics- ATI RADEON HD 6870

however i am recieving some low fps in some newer (and older like crysis) games what is the problem ? what should i up grade to get better fps?
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  1. Hello jay_jazza;

    What screen resolution are you using?
    In Crysis what graphics setting and graphics options do you use?
    Does the FPS increase when you lower the graphics settings?
  2. well in every game im using 1920x1080 and most games are set to ultra/high.
  3. Does the FPS increase when you lower the graphics settings?

    Your Crysis performance look something like this chart?

    And you like the FPS result on the last line of the chart better?

    Your GIGABYTE GA-880GA-UD3H 880G motherboards 2nd PCI-e x16 slot runs @ x4.
    Not ideal for a CrossfireX setup but 2x 6870 will work.

    What do you have for a power supply?
  4. 550w power supply and yes the bottom line looks alot better, im getting about 25-30 fps , so a second graphics card would work? or a faster mother board? is my cpu fine?
  5. I think a 2nd video card gets you a lot closer to that type of performance.
    But the testing that did that chart used an Core i7-920 overclocked @ 3.8Ghz.

    The 550W PSU is a problem since it doesn't have enough power for a 2nd video card.
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