Looking for a Socket 478 Motherboard with Intel ICH7 Chipset

I'm looking for a Socket 478 Motherboard with Intel ICH7 Chipset because I have an older motherboard ( Asus P4P800-E Deluxe) that doesnt have ACHI mode so that I can use an SSD properly with my computer.

The only motherboards I could find that are Socket 478 with Intel ICH7 Chipset are....

BIOSTAR G31-M4 478 Intel G31 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard


MSI 945GCM478-L


But both are Micro ATX and I'm looking for a regular sized motherboard to fit into my computer tower that I already have. So can anyone let me know of a Socket 478 Motherboard with Intel ICH7 Chipset that is regular size and not Micro ATX?

thank you for any help!!
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  1. Pickins are slim - these are all but gone now. What's wrong with a Micro-ATX MB btw?
  2. I know they're all but gone now but I'd like to know which models have those specs.

    And I want a regular size motherboard so that it fits in my regular size desktop tower. Not a Micro ATX size motherboard. I don't wanna buy another computer tower that's my reason.
  3. A micro ATX board will fit into a case designed for a full ATX board. It just does not work the other way around.
  4. Are there any limitations to a Micro ATX motherboard compared to regular size motherboards?
  5. No. Some micro size boards have less ports, but it's not an issue unless you really need tons of usb ports.
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