How to get preconfigered games in ati

recently i bought the ati 5670 and i have the 10.12 driver version installed .i am new to these .i want to know preset option in the ccc.i know that we can adjust different config. for different games but what i want to know is cant we get pre configered appl. profiles for diff. games ?if yes how ?
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  1. It would be unwise to get pre-configured profiles for these games because the functionality of this feature is for the user to decide. The entire feature revolves around you deciding what game should be in what quality. You can, of course, globally change things should you choose to.


    Unless you're talking about Crossfire profiles..which you shouldn't have bothered downloading since you're using a single HD5670. I don't have much experience with these, but they're for using crossfire and allow the two cards to work in tandem to provide better framerates in the supported games.
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