How should I upgrade my computer?

That is my setup, the only differences are that it now has 1 GB x 4 RAM. It has a 500 watt psu, and it holds a radeon 5770 GPU.

I was wondering about the following:

1. Should I just get a new GPU? (I'm thinking between the geforce 560 and the radeon 6870)

2. The PC is 4 years old, so the cooler (OEM) is also 4 years old. Even though I dusted it and put new thermal past, when it's a hot day and I play BF:BC2 for a while, it starts to make a very loud noise. - So should I get a new fan? Since my case is HP and its cramped I was thinking of getting this:

3. Since its a premade PC, I probably can't overclock my q6600.

So should I just get a new gpu, and wait a few more years until I build a brand new PC?

What are your suggestions and tips? I don't have a whole lot of money so please keep that in mind.

Thank you!
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  1. Only if your power supply can handle it. Most oem ps are cheap 250-300 watt units, not enough for a decent card. Get the new power supply before ordering a card. I suggest corsair or antec with at least 550 watts.
  2. AFAIK, that Q6600 can be overclocked but it may depend on the motherboard you have in the system. Also, before you update to a newer graphics card, check that the motherboard isn't going to bottleneck it. A 4-year old system may not have a PCIe slot that can get the most out of a new card. A 500W PSU is possibly a bit on the low side, so you may want to upgrade that to 650W. On the other hand, if your system can't get the best out of a card like the GeForce 560 then you could go for a cheaper, older one that won't tax your 500W PSU as much. As for the CPU heatsink, yes I'd replace it. The heatsink/fan you linked should be fine for you.
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