Plz Need Help cant install ati radeon hd 4350 video card

This is the second video card that ive bought to try and upgrade my Hp Media Center PC m7640n. When i put the card into the PcIE Slot and hook it up to my monitor i get no picture from it. The monitor says no vga signal, but when i got back to the onboard i get a picture. I Checked device manager and the ati graphics card wasnt there (it didnt even show standard vga compatible device. only the onboard nvidia 6150 le). I tried disabling the onbaord video and changing the diaplay adapter setting in my BIOS but its still not working. I have updated my bios as well. plz help.
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  1. Not sure but have you tried changing the video settings to PCI-E expanion if it detects it? I know you have now try hooking up the monitor to a port on the card itself.
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