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So my current system is built on a Asus P6T Deluxe, Corsair 1600 6gb memory, Intel core i7 920 @ 3.00Ghz (gonna overclock it pretty soon), 2x VR 300gb in RAID 0 (gonna replace with a SSD soon aswell) and a Corsair HX1000w PSU.

I have two cards installed Asus 4870x2 + XFX 4870 1gb in CF..all this in the Antec p182 SE midtower case, with limited airflow...look at this post for a slight notion of my situation.

My question to you is... Are there any single gpu solutions coming from the more modern generations that outperform my CF setup?
I also run a dual monitor setup, 1920x1080, and I would also like to use my internal 5.25" blu ray player on my HD TV without having to take one of the other monitor cables actually I'm looking for a single GPU solution that outperform my old setup, but also could potentially hookup 3 monitors.

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  1. So... you sort of have a 3 way Crossfire with 4870's. I'm not sure how scaling works with a 4870x2 plus a single 4870. However, 4870's usually perform similar to a GTX 260. And GTX 260's in SLI are equal to a GTX 470 performance wise.

    You're probably somewhere in that neck of the woods. If you want to do three monitors at once, you'll not want an nVidia card as they'll only support two at once with a single card.

    An ATI 5870 or better is probably where you want to look.
  2. No single GPU is going to outperform your basically 3-way 4870 (barring major issues with crossfire) setup. A 5970 would be faster as it is currently the fastest, but it's a dual GPU card. If you want to move to a single GPU then you have to shoot for a GTX 580 or a Radeon 6970. Both should give you better performance in games where crossfire doesn't scale well. The 6970 will allow you to run 3 monitors at the same time via eyefinity, so long as you use display port or at least one active adapter of course. Just read a few reviews on the good ol 6970.
  3. naww I'm sorry I meant not if there was a SINGLE GPU that would outperform my CF setup, but rather a SINGLE CARD that would outperform my CF setup
  4. I'd suggest finding benchmarks that test the new GTX 580, ATI 6970 with an i7-920 processor. I'm not finding any benchmarks using a 4870x2 and a 4870 paired together. Kind of an oddball Crossfire setup as far as online benchmarks or reviews.

    Then you can compare the FPS in benchmarks on new games versus what you get. Of course keep in mind, most reviews will probably have an OC'd i7 processor. But there are a few with stock clocks.
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