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Recently I purchased a Cooler Master Silent Pro M1000 Series Modular 1000W 80 PLUS Bronze with relatively high hopes for my new build. Today I finally threw it in my case and the fan sounds like complete death to the point that it must be fried or something. Is it possible to swap the fan out with an identical one or do I have no other choice right now and have to get another?
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    Its not hard changing a PSU fan. They usually use 120mm or 92mm fans. Any brand will do, but as usual i'd suggest a quality fluid bearing fan.

    Obviously opening a new PSU will void your warranty, so keep that in mind.

    Before you do all of that, get a torch and do a visual inspection. Sometimes a stray cable can get onto the fan blades.
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  3. Would something like Scythe Kama FLEX 135 Series do the job since this PSU in particular involves a 135 mm fan?
  4. i have a cooler master pro series 520w cooler, i found that after the a year, some plastic had dislodged from the cooler that was supposed to be protecting the cables from the heat sinks, i had to remove it to stop the fan from sounding like a bike with a card on the spokes, also i have had a problem with the fan itself, a grinding sound when first booted up, then once the system had warmed up, the noise disappeared, i found out the fan was rubbing on the fan grill when it was upside down in my cosmos s case, simply removed the grill and now my system is quiet,

    these problems were sorted out by myself cus i couldn't be assed to send it back under the warranty, but as stated i would recommend not voiding the warranty on such a beast of a PSU and get it sent back immediately
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