Please help me set up a FTP server

hello. this is my first time setting up a FTP server so that i can share files with my friends at their homes. i dont like carrying external HDD to every single persons houses and copy files.
i researched for days, and tried many times, now its frustrating so much, so im here to get some advice.
actually its been a while since i tried, and now i felt the need for FTP. so im back on it.
i found different sites with steps how to create FTP, however its not working out for me, also confusing.

i dont want anything fansy. im just setting up this server on my old internet only pc
Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2Ghz
1GB (512MB x2)
Geforce 5200FX
HP MOBO(IDK the model number) Pavilion a645c
XP Home Edition SP1 ( i had SP3 but i formatted it recently) i can always update

its only less than 10 people whos up with me setting up a FTP at my house.
also i would like to use FREE softwares as far as i can
can someone explain the steps easily please? it would be really nice if you could tell me every single thing i have to do.

last time i got it working just in my house, i could transfer files between computers but never could get my friends at their place get in to my pc.

im using AT&T Uverse Modem, which has WIFI, router built in
looks like this;

thanks for reading and hopfully helping haha
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  1. FileZilla is a free FTP solution. There are instructions for installation and configuration on their site.

    Make sure to read through the network configuration. You will need to open any firewalls you have to allow communications. This is probably where you will run into most of your problems.

    Unless your ISP provides you with a static IP address you will also want to use a forwarding service. I have used DynDNS ( and No-IP ( and both are fairly simple to use and they can be used for free. You will need to set up accounts then get one of their free hostnames. You will need their updater client installed and running on your FTP server to update your IP address on their systems. This allows users to use a single hostname to connect to your FTP server even if you IP address changes. You can move, change ISPs or just receive a new IP through DHCP and the users will not have to change any settings to connect.

    The only other thing I can image you may need would be information on configuring your router. Do a search for the model number and try to find a manual with information on configuring the device. Your best bet would probably be the manufacturers site if you know who makes it.

    It's not step by step instructions but the links provided have those for their respective services or software. Hope this helps.
  2. thank you so much!!! i got it working. people can access my folder.
    i have one more question
    its really slower than what i expected. is there anyway i can increase down and upload speeds?
    my internet is 1.5MB/sec down and 300KB/sec up and similar spec for others who are trying to upload in to my ftp.
    when they upload, we r only getting max 90Kb/sec
  3. There are ways to set speed limits in FileZilla. I don't know the defaults and can't check right now since I'm not at home. There are three places to set speed limits. Server, user and in groups.

    There may also be limitations due to the hardware that is used on both ends. Your fastest speed will be that of your slowest device/bus involved.
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