Sapphire HD 5770 on a Frontier 450w?

Hi to all....well my question is simple and probably answered many times before but my situation is a little bit diefferent...
I own 2 PSU and dont know wich one will fit better for my GPU.

The first one is Blueberry 400w and the other one is Frontier 450w psu.
First lets make something clear,no matter how much you want it DONT recommend to me to upgrade to better power suply,i know but just dont have the money....:)
Anyways the blueberrry one says that the +12v delivers 12A which is not good right?
The Frontier one says +12V1=14A (168W) +12V2 =16A (192W).
And because it does not have 6 pin connector (it does have 20+4 pin,1x 4pin,1 sata and 1 molex cable,1 sata cable alone,2 molex on 1 cable....)If i decide to put a molex to 6pin does it matter on which molex do i plug it in.
I guess Frontier would suit better and i need it for just few months so i ask you just to be sure....Thanks in advance....
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  1. The frontier is better the other one would not run the card. Using Molex to 6 pin adapters it is recommended to plug in 2 x molex from two different cables.
  2. Well the blueberry one does not seem to have the goods. So i guess the frontier one will have to do.

    If it makes you feel any better I have a 5770 on a 300 watt power supply :)

    As said above, when using the molex adapter, get the power from 2 cables if you can, it just helps to load balance things a bit(not that i actually think it helps since many units put ALL molex on a single rail any way, but you know, always do what they tell you:) )
  3. Hehe...Thx but the HD 5770 comes with 1 molex to 6pin cable (adapter) so i guess i have no choice but to plug it in on 1 molex.....or should i buy 2 molex to 6pin?
  4. If it came with a single molex, use it.
  5. Most likley only a single molex because the card is not that power hungry.

    The spec allows for 75watts from the board and 75watts from that connector. This card is no 150 watt card. and as said, most power supplies run the molex all on one rail. Enjoy the new card.
  6. Ok Thank you guys.....!!!
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