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HDD Cooling MOD

Last response: in Components
May 26, 2011 9:10:40 AM


Does anyone know where I can get some plexiglass tubing like in this video (@ 3:31):

I wrote to the guy who made the vid asking where he got the tube from, but no response yet.

Was wondering if anyone here knew.


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May 26, 2011 9:31:10 AM

You can get that kind of stuff at lowes, or home depot. Or if you live in a large city there may be specialty shops around that cater that kind of stuff.
May 26, 2011 10:58:29 AM

not... already looked online, and i am familiar w/ plumbing and electrical. I could mod a 3.25" elbow, but am trying to avoid so much work. thanks though.
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May 26, 2011 10:59:39 AM

btw, yeah i live in Las Vegas - should be able to find something - just a matter of what it's called - or what to call it... XP
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May 26, 2011 4:42:50 PM

I have no idea what it's called but I find the idea junk. With such a contraption on your drive you would only be able to house two at best in your system.

With the cases that we have today I find a better idea to use some thermal glue and glue an old heatsink to the top side of the drive. Make sure its not a super tall sink. You might need to search your old parts bin for sink, or use a taller one and cut/file the fins down. With the sink bonded to the top of the drive it will help dissipate the heat upwards, where your big 120mm front case fans will grab it and send it away. Here is the paste I was talking about.

For the heatsink, comb through your old parts bin and find something that looks like this, minus the fan ofcourse.

Remember that once you do this the heatsink isn't coming off. So make sure you don't want that sink back.

Also keep in mind the study Google did. They found no correlation between heat and how fast a drive died. You might be fighting a problem that doesn't exist.
May 26, 2011 4:55:14 PM

The duct he used is called the Thermaltake Ducting Mod. It's stated in the ending credits in the guy's youtube video. You can try to find it elsewhere, but the only place I was able to locate quickly in the US is from amazon at

Search google for "Thermaltake Ducting Mod" and you'll find other results. and used to have it but it's discontinued or OOS from both places. Of course that also goes for
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May 26, 2011 5:32:50 PM

I just bought an awesome case from Antec on sale for $50, the Antec 100.

It, like many cases can mount a 120mm case fan at the front, this not only sucks in air for proper air flow but it also blows across the hard drives. Fans and other accessories really add up in price when bought separately. Anyway, this case came with two fans and I simply clipped a 120mm fan I already had into the front section (no screws needed). The entire front piece comes off for easy access (if you don't know this you're in for frustration building your computer).

A few accessories could really add up, but if your case isn't that great consider the Antec 100.

*There are mods for cases which allow you to add front fans to cases that normally don't support them.

**You don't need special hard drive cooling if you have proper case air flow which is usually bringing the air in the FRONT-BOTTOM and blowing it out the TOP/TOP-REAR.
May 26, 2011 6:24:01 PM

Thank you ALL so much for your input.

I don't really care for the heatsink attached to my HDD, and was NOT aware the heat factor doesn't affect the HDD's lifespan. I just know simple physics, that heat destroys everything. I will google this fact and educate myself! Thanks.

I guess I should have watch to the very end for all parts used... DUHHH - learned something else! LOL

About the case/CFM's issue... I am not too concerned for heat dissipation because I am going to get this case:
and know the HDD bolted to the case nice and snug will help pull even more heat off the drives. I will be using only 2 drives at this time. I may even poke some holes in the bottom of the case for some more venting. But as it stands this case should in all reality need no modding to it, considering I will be also using the Corsair CWCH50-1 that should also reduce alot of heat from the case also.

I just get on a kick when I am looking for something and can't find it (which is very rare) that I must resolve to find it. I am not too good to not ask and pretend to know, I would rather become informed - just a quirk of mine.

Again, thank you all for your time, efforts and opinions.

PEACE!!! :hello: 
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May 26, 2011 7:25:21 PM

I think you would be much happier with this case which is the same price at NCIX:

Some points:
1) the case you chose has no front USB
2) the Antec 100 has awesome cable management (can tuck some cables behind the motherboard, and hard drive cables partially to the right side out of sight)
3) The front of the Antec 100 unclips for easier access
4) the Antec 100 has a top-tray for coffee or USB sticks which I find very useful

Anyway, that's just my opinion and in the end it's up to you. I just built my new PC and I was very pleased with the Antec 100. The only thing is I recommend a 120mm fan for the bottom front (clips on). However, you could easily use the rear 120mm fan because there's a 140mm on the top-rear of the case (fan control at rear for both fans).

*Whichever case you get, you should completely cover over any air-exposed part of the PC which does not have a fan, such as an unused fan slot. These open sections screw up air flow.
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May 26, 2011 7:34:47 PM

*Sorry, I see that the ICEBERG case does have USB ports on top.

You'd probably be happy with either case, although I think you'd really like the Antec 100's cable managment.

(I'll shut up now...)
May 26, 2011 10:03:52 PM

no, you don't have to "shut up"... relax

the antec link doesn't work - well it rerouts me to the front page - i can only assume which case it might be with a google image search of "antec 100 computer case"

I am looking really to spend no more than 60 bucks or so on a case.

my original plan was this Sentey case - and will still be my fallback if the Raidmax goes off sale in 3 weeks:
it has 7x120mm fans (4 included - 3 are led) and again I will bolt up the corsair h2o cooler and purchase 2 more 120's for this case if the Raidmax option falls through.
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May 27, 2011 12:35:43 AM

A long time ago, before all the nifty, new cases came out, I standardized on Antec 900 cases - standard layout, drives in the lower drive bay with fan in front.

My game machine has 3 drives (2.6 TB total). With all case fans on LOW, the highest drive temp I have seen was 28 C.
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May 27, 2011 12:42:05 AM

I was going to suggest the Antec 300. You can get them for $50, and it supports two 120mm fans in the front. I agree that you don't need to glue heatsinks to your drives, but you did ask about hdd cooling mods.
May 27, 2011 6:27:20 PM

Antec 900 is a fantastic case. I love mine, but I have the original version. I would love to get the new version just for the washable air filters as the original doesn't have filters.
May 27, 2011 10:09:29 PM

@ photonboy:
you should completely cover over any air-exposed part of the PC which does not have a fan, such as an unused fan slot. These open sections screw up air flow.

you know I was reading over this thread again and I totally missed this quote from you, man.

cool this is VERY handy to know.

so those cases with mesh siding and port holes in the sides, or even a missing 5.5 or 3.25 bay cover is a no go?

this thread also has me thinking if I should go with a dual 120 front fan case or do you all think a single 120 would suffice.

I plan on as I said running a phenom II x4 3.2 - which I am going to overclock to at least 3.7 over an MSI 870s (46) with 8gb ddr3 to add 8 more later, with a GTS 450 which I will add another later also with 650 watts of source (for now) cooling it with the corsair CH50-1 enclosed liquid cooler.

i want to keep the biatch as cool as possible. benchmarks... ahh, speed... ahh... cool interior??? THAT is all I really care about the most besides having the ability to make it look nice and tidy on the inside.

also can anyone recommend me a good reliable lcd control panel for monitoring fans and temps? touch screen or not it doesn't matter. :D