1090T overheating for no reason!

ok i got an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE last week and put it in my mobo (AM2 MSI K9n2 Diamond with updated Bios to support X6 cpus) and now having heat issues.

i know there is no problem with the cooler as im using a hyper 212

i also know there is no problem with the thermal compound because i have checked it, reapplied it a couple of times and nothing major changed.

although im suspecting the problem might be overvoltage, my mobo has vcore options Auto, 1.475, 1.5 ..etc no less

and when i use the auto option the vcore is 1.450 as shown on core temp

the temps are [ according to core temp] 35C idle and 59C under load
the temps are [ according to Bios] 43C idle and 68C under load

my case is well ventilated (NZXT Apollo) with good airflow

now i think either im having over voltage or the CPU is defective.

can anyone tell me whats the default vcore for the 1090T with stock clocks plz
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  1. Your 1090T runs at 3.2/3.6 freq, at 1.0-1.475 volts, max temp is 62c.
    I would question the temp sensor at this point. It may be off. There's great reviews of the hyper 212 and if you have it mounted and running correctly then there's a problem elsewhere.
  2. 1.125-1.40V default vcore ... Max Temperature 62’C
  3. so i guess either it heating because a defective cpu or the mobo sensor is going crazy.

    weird thing is that even when i stressed the cpu in prime95 for 2 hours and it overheated (68C in bios and 59C on coretemp) the system was stable and the cpu didnt shutdown the pc due to overheating.
  4. -make sure the cooler is touching the cpu, the cooler mount on sockets 939,am2-am3 has a plastic mount that likes to catch on the edge of the cooler leaving the cooler hung up and not fully touching the cpu.
    after you make sure the cooler has contact, either gently twist the cooler and see if it has a slipping on grease feeling or take the cooler off and see if the paste has contacted the cpu.

    -before taking the cooler off, run the computer so the paste is warm and thinner, then shut the computer off and remove the cooler with the cpu warm, this way the cooler wont be stuck to the cpu.

    after you made sure this is not the trouble, run the computer and feel the cooler after its been running for a while, it should feel warm but not hot, how hot does it feel? like scalding coffee?80C warmer coffee? 50C luke warm coffee 30C.
    Often the boards sensors or the chips are wrong.

    If the cpu's intenal temp sensor is flawed then cool n quiet wont work correctly and i would still rma it.
  5. The temperatures you are getting are normal .

    In fact they seem good if the highest measurement is 68 degrees
  6. check the power options.
    also is ur CPU down clocking when there is no load?
  7. Some people are saying they are getting a max of 55c with the 212 with some overclocking involved.
  8. ok fixed the problem i think it was a vcore problem with my old mobo (MSI K9N2 Diamond) got a new MSI 890FXA-GD70 and after cehcking the cooler and everything. all is working great

    temps at full load reaches 52C @3.7GHz CnQ disabled.

    will be getting an H70 soon to hit 4Ghz

    thanks for the help guys
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