Computer Dead?

My desktop of 2 years crashed on me when I was watching a video on youtube.I tried to boot it back up and all the components in the tower turned on but the monitor mouse and keyboard didnt.I left it on for about 10 mins then the monitor turned on and wierd graphical errors came up on the bios screen. Vertical yellow lines and wierd horizontal P0p0p00 lines in bios. It takes forever to get a picture on the monitor when i boot it up, wierd constant graphical screen errors,cant boot it up in normal mode only in safe mode. when the monitor turns itself off the computer tower sounds like its constantly restarting.
I have a few pics of the screen lines look like but im not sure how to post.
My setup is Core2 8500
Asus rampage formula
4870 1g
I dont overclock,or use it that much.This is my 1st problem since i had it, tried updating bios,making sure everything is connected right,system restore.If anyone has any ideas please post.
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  1. It is the video card that is bad likely because in safe mode it uses onboard i think. Im likely wrong but it may also be something accidental in the bios i would clear the CMOS
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