PSU's will they work in europe

Ok heres my question for you guys out there. Im active duty AirForce and Just got orders to England. Before I leave Im rebuilding my computer. But my question is Will american PSU work out there in europe?
Im looking to buy
I just want to make sure it works in europe. Also do you know where i can find a european power cord for an american PSU if it will work ?

Thanks again
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    Base on Corsair Tech Specs it should

    The input voltage rating is 100-240V 50/60HZ. Make sure you get the power cord use in England for 220/240V.

    I would call Corsair Tech support to make it 100%.

    This is a great PSU
  2. The UK does not use a European power cable. We use a three pin plug.

    The cable you are after is commonly referred to as a kettle lead. You will be able to pick one up really easily when you are here.

    As for whether or not the PSU will actually work or not I'm somewhat unsure. It's my understanding that the US uses a different voltage than the UK. However, from a manufacturing perspective it makes more sense to produce a single unit agnostic to location and just have users use different cables.
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  4. thanks for the help guys
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