What i do with 350bucks

this is the money i have right now but i probably have 100 or 150 more
these are the things i need
hope you can help me find a good deal
need 2 1tb hdd must be 7200 rpm but one 2tb hdd would be good to
need 2 ssd's at least 30gb was thinking of 40gb intel ssd for 100bucks but there is prbabely a better one out ther
and need a good nvidia gpu was thining of gtx 460 or maybe gtx560
but if i overclock a pny gtx 460 would it be the same as a 560

i know that 350bucks will not get me all of this but what is the closest bang for buck am i looking at
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  1. I'd suggest the Samsung Spinpoint F4 2 TB drive. Its $89.99 and though only 5400 RPM, it has very dense platters (667 MB each),

    I'd suggest the A-Data 64GB SSD for $114.99

    then I'd suggest the Galaxy GTX 460 768MB model for $147.99 ($107.99 after $40 rebate)

    This is $352.97

    the 460-768 won't match a 560 (it has 2 fewer SOPs), but a 1GB also won't match it (its 1 SOP short of the 560), but its still solid for 1680x1050, and can handle 1920x1080 with some settings turned down.
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